St. Louis, Mo – Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises consumers to use caution when doing business with Summerwinds Resort Services, LLC of Branson, Missouri. Summerwinds has received 163 complaints at BBB, including nearly 40 this year. Consumers allege the timeshare business conducts misleading sales presentations, fails to cancel contracts, delays or fails to issue refunds, and has overall poor customer service. 

The business has an “F” rating, the lowest on BBB’s scale. Consumers from 23 states have filed complaints against the business.

An analysis of consumer complaints received at BBB against the company found that nearly 80 percent of complainants (130 of 163) allege they feel they were misled during sales presentations.

“Consumer after consumer who contacts BBB about this company complains they were subject to a misleading or pressure-filled sales presentation,” said Michelle L. Corey, BBB St. Louis president and CEO. “Claims and promises made in the sales presentations should match what is on the contract the consumers are asked to sign and initial.” 

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