BRIGHTON, MO - For this Fur Kids we traveled to Eden Animal Haven where co-founder and shelter director Leslie Sawyer says all the cats get to roam around inside cage free.

"They are in rooms in which they interact with each other, they interact with visitors," explains Sawyer. "You can watch them play and you can get a better since for their personality. Overall they’re happier and well adjusted.

There were four in the litter but one got adopted so we have three left. They are 6-months-old so they’ve been here for a while and we want to get them into good homes.   

Sawyer says they have, "Sweet little Jazzy, Mozart, and Lyric. Lyric and she is the smallest out of them. She’s probably the shyest, also. Mozart is the outgoing one out of the bunch. He wants to be in your lap and held. He’s adventurous. And Jazzy is so gentle and easy going."

Sawyer says they love adopting sibling pairs and these three were socialized in a home and they’re litter box trained.

All together Eden Animal Haven has 70 cats ranging in age from 3 months to 14-years-old. 

Sawyer explains that they are looking to adopt their cats to indoor homes. If you’d like to adopt from this volunteer ran organization click here.