-- Jack in the Box has come under fire for a sexually suggestive advertisement for the chain’s new teriyaki bowls.

The ad features Jack, the brand’s fictional CEO, discussing the new bowls by using them as a pun for a part of the male anatomy.

In the commercial, Jack walks into a room and explains he’s the only one with “the bowls to serve something different.”

The spot continues with more bowl-based innuendo. At one point Jack says to an employee, “You’ve got some pretty nice bowls there, and so does Dan.” A female employee also comments on how nice Dan’s “bowls” are.

The nearly minute-long ad finishes with an executive explaining to a clueless Jack that his marketing strategy is making people “uncomfortable.”

The tongue-in-cheek commercial seems par for the course for the brand — which has also caught some flak for its stoner-geared Munchies Meals ads. However, many viewers feel the ad is tone-deaf in today’s #MeToo environment.

AdWeek ran an article by David Griner titled “Jack in the Box Just Launched One of the Most Tone-Deaf Ads of the #MeToo Era,” saying the stunt celebrates sexual jokes in the workplace.

Several on Twitter agreed with Griner, saying the sexual innuendos were offensive, while others felt people were making "something out of nothing."

Jack in the Box is known for off color and controversial ads that get people talking. This is simply not the right time. They could have done something smart without fishing for "balls" jokes. #MeToo era or not, the creatives need to get more creative.

— Lathan Lev (@LevNation20) August 6, 2018