SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Digital money sharing apps like Venmo make transferring funds to others easier than ever. However, it could be putting your safety in jeopardy.

Venmo makes sending money easier than ever as all you have to do is connect the app to you bank account and click a button. However, the app is tracking all those transactions. This means it could be exposing private information about your life.

A Berlin-based researcher has now discovered that your purchase history can be tracked by almost anyone, and due to a lack of privacy protections, this could be only one of the dangers.

Since the app publicly shows what you are purchasing and when you purchased it, it could allow personal information to fall into the wrong hands. This could include giving home intruders the possibility to track when you may or may not be at home. 

Users do have an option to make their information private, but if you choose the wrong setting, who you're paying and what you're paying for could still be visible for anyone to see. 

To make both future and past transactions private:

  • Choose privacy under "settings"
  • Change setting to "private"
  • Go to past payments, select "change all to private"