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Man Arrested in Phelps County for assaulting elderly man

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PHELPS COUNTY, Mo - On Thursday, a Phelps County jury found a man guilty of assault in the first degree. 

Douglas Eubanks, 34, was sitting by a campfire drinking an alcoholic beverage, when he first spotted the 67-year-old man. The man was reportedly walking when approached and asked the victim to identify himself, but Eubanks indicated he did not believe the victim.

He then told the victim it was “his” road and that he needed to stay away. The victim told Eubanks it did not matter what Eubanks believed, and to leave him alone. Eubanks put up his fists and offered to fight the victim, who instead produced his cell phone and indicated he would call law enforcement. Eubanks then left.

Later the same evening, when walking back home, the victim was approached by Eubanks and another individual. The two said they told the victim to stay off the road, and, soon after, Eubanks and his friend proceeded to beat the victim. They struck the victim in the face, knocking him to the ground before hitting and kicking the victim, breaking his nose and other bones on the left side of his face, bruising his ribs, and leaving his face and shirtfront covered with blood.

The attack only stopped when Eubanks’ wife intervened and confirmed that the victim was who he claimed to be.

Eubanks will be sentenced October 15 and faces 10 to 30 years, or life, in prison. 

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