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TSA Considers Ending Security Screenings at Small Airports

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(Springfield, Mo.) The Transportation Security Administration is considering nixing passenger screenings at more than 150 small to medium sized airports.

"To put yourself in the shoes of the typical American flyer. Would you want to fly from an airport where the passengers on your plane have not been screened in this day and age," explains Kent Boyd, Spokesperson, Springfield Branson National Airport. 

Security checkpoints are being looked to be eliminated at smaller airports under a plan being considered by the TSA.

"I would strongly suspect that most people in the airport industry, most people in the aviation industry upon hearing their mouth probably dropped open."

According to a recent report, passengers would instead be screened when they arrived at larger airports after their initial flight, allowing for more efficiency in the screening process.

"This is one of those things that’s just being talked about at TSA and it hasn’t progressed very far and it may go nowhere."

It is unclear how advanced the proposal is and if it will ever be adopted. Still, some frequent flyers say it could make flights at smaller airports inviting targets for terrorists.

"I don’t like the idea. You can never trust everybody so I think they should keep on looking into things. As far as belts, they can leave belts on, change in their pockets that’s really nothing but they have to check bags," says Patricia Taub, frequent flyer. 

The proposal raises questions about whether would- be terrorists could penetrate the nation's air system at the airports lacking screening.

"The whole reason we have TSA at all the airports in the country is because of 9/11 to make sure that doesn’t happen again," adds Boyd. 

While some people don' t think it's a good idea, frequent flyers like Ashley Sanchez are in support of the move.

"I always fill very safe at the airports and I feel like the screening is not as extensive as it is at these small airports. So I really don’t think it would make that much of a difference than making It easier for people getting on the plane," says Sanchez. 

The report did not identify which airports would lose their screening capabilities. 

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