SPRINGFIELD, MO - A local man is pleading the U.S. Government to help him locate his son after his ex-wife took him to Venezuela. Bryan Keathley says his son was taken from him when he was only 5-years-old. Now, three years later Keathley has been unsuccessful at locating his son, David. He says after multiple court hearings and documents the U.S. Government hasn’t done anything to bring his boy back home.

"It’s my child. He’s in a war zone! This isn’t Canada, this isn’t London," says Keathley. "This is the Colombian border in western Venezuela. This is a little american boy that’s a target all by himself.”

After getting the U.S. Government involved and multiple documents and court hearings, Keathley says he received notice that a hearing had been held in Venezuela and the Venezuelan government was refusing to communicate.

"If I can’t get some better help from my own government to get my little boy, he’s an american child," explains the devastated father. "He was born and raised here and taken out of his country and being held illegally.”

Claiming that the U.S. Government is not doing enough to return his son, Keathley says he’s not even sure if he’s son is alive and that his ex-wife won’t communicate with him or the government.

He says, "Somebody needs to do something! My child is going to end up dead or never seen again if we can’t get him out of there.”

Explaining that he needs legal help, he will keep fight to find his son for the rest of his life.