SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- One woman is facing numerous charges after negligence at her home daycare caused one infant's death.

Cheri Beason, 52, the owner of the home day care, is now charged with 17 counts of abuse or neglect of a child and 17 counts of endangering the welfare of a child in connection to the events of August 10th; the day that four-month-old Brynlee Jones died while at her daycare.

According to Kaleigh Cole, Brynlee's mother, Baby Brynlee was found lying on her stomach not breathing and is believed to have suffocated.

Beason, who was operating her home daycare without a license, was not even home when Brynlee died. Instead, she had left her daughter in charge of over 20 children, even though she was legally only allowed to care for four.

In a previous interview with FOX 5, Cole says her daughter's death could have been avoided. Now she is dedicating her time fighting for change.

"It's kind of a slap in the face that there aren't things being done to protect our children. I think there needs to be some more regulation on unlicensed daycares. There needs to be a way to monitor and track them without being too overbearing," said Cole.

In response to Beason's arrest, Cole said she is relieved that Beason is being held accountable for her actions and hopes that her arrest will bring awareness to what Cole is trying to accomplish- helping to prevent any other families from having to experience this same nightmare. 

Beason could spend up to seven years in jail for each felony count that she's charged with if  convicted. Her arraignment is scheduled for Friday