SPRINGFIELD, MO - Downloadable 3D gun blueprints could soon be available to the public. Cody Hall, a salesman at All About Guns, says printing a 3D gun isn't as easy as you think. Hall says it's nearly impossible to make one successfully.

"It takes a lot of prototyping and it’s not worth your time," he says. "With the amount of plastic I put into it I could have just gone out and bought a gun.”

Hall says he has made four 3D guns but it took about 9 hours for each gun with about 3 weeks worth of studying up on how to make it. He explains that all of them didn't work properly.

"It was way too much time and effort. The average person isn’t going to be able to do it," says Hall. "If someone wants to commit harm they’re going to find better ways.”

With numerous reports saying the 3D gun can go through a metal detector undetected, this is true. But, the gun would have to have metal to, actually, work. "The barrel is metal, the frame metal," explains Hall. "You can make a plastic upper but it’s not going to work.”

Hall explains that it’s not illegal to make your own guns and that 3D guns are not dangerous. He says if you attempt to try and make your own with a 3D printer it can get, very, expensive.

While many have come out against the 3D guns second amendment advocates say this is a victory. If you’re, still, feeling uneasy with firearms All About Guns does offer a basic firearms class. It runs every other week at 5 p.m. for $20. 

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