PLEASANT HOPE, MO - A father’s plea of love for his son has reached over 125,000 shares on Facebook after his son was bullied by other children at a church camp. The family has asked us not to name the church.

Strangers are heartbroken over 12-year-old Auron's experience at a local church camp.

"They called me bad words and called me dumb dumb," says Auron. "And, plus, they were throwing trash me. I did nothing.”

Auron’s family decided to post their son’s experience on Facebook asking folks to show support and that there are people that do like him just the way he is. Auron's father James Glenn says, "We read them to him. I’m getting messages on Facebook. I read every single one and I hank every single person that sends a message.”

Glenn says that the bullies called him names and threatened to hurt his family. When the bullying was going on Auron says that he told his camp leader.

Auron explains that, "I told my leader but he doesn’t believe me. I don't know why."

Now, folks from around the world are reaching out to the family and wanting to help and show Auron that just because he’s autistic doesn’t make him different.

"We hope that he sees that he’s different he’s not different but, actually, something special," says Glenn.

Not knowing the post would go viral, Glenn says he hopes people learn something from his son. "If you’re out there and you do see somebody being bullied, stand up! Don’t let it go on.”

The Glenn family says people are reaching out asking for their mailing address so they can send Auron gifts. Also, they say the camp has gone out of its way and taking steps to correct the problem.