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Low income vet clinic needs your help to stay open

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SPRINGFIELD, MO - The non-profit veterinarian clinic, SAAF, for low income families will soon shut its doors if they can’t get enough donations and find a vet. Normally, they do 35 to 40 surgeries a day but that has been dropped down to 25 because of the lack of staff and funding. 

For the past several years, employees say the clinic has been underfunded. Since their opening in August of 2010 over 39,000 surgeries have been performed on domestic and stray dogs and cats.

But with their current veterinarian accepting a new job the clinic is struggling to keep their doors open. "Not only do we want to prevent unwanted dogs and cats but we are trying to save those dogs and cats that are on death row," says Dawn Cosby, a SAAF employee.

For strays that come in, Cosby says they will be euthanized if they can’t find their owners because all the animal shelters are too full. The more litters that are not prevented causes more animals to euthanized in the area, not at SAAF Spay Neuter Clinic. With these animals being one of the last group of animals in surgery SAAF can’t accept new clients until they find a veterinarian. 

Cosby explains, "We are looking for someone that can be DEA certified as well as do multiple spay and neuter surgeries in a day.”

With only enough money to stay open for another two weeks, the clinic is in dyer need of the community's help. Last year, SAAF saved over 1,400 stray dogs and provides half the cost of services compared to other vet clinics.

For a business that has been helpful to the community they, now, are asking for help from you.

To help the clinic you can use PayPal at saaf2018@yahoo.com or drop off donations at 1600 N. Washington, Springfield, MO, 65803.

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