SPRINGFIELD, MO - As temperatures rise incidents of domestic violence can escalate. For the past three years, Harmony House has seen a 15 percent increase in clients seeking shelter during the month of July and it appears the trend will continue in 2018.

It takes a lot for someone to say enough is enough. For one survivor she found a way of calling for help without her abuser knowing.

"I dialed 911 and I was afraid to let anyone know that I dialed 911 so I put my phone to the side and didn’t say anything," says the survivor, whose identity will remain anonymous. "When the police showed up I just answered the door.”

She said that the abuse was worse in the summer because he would get agitated easily. "Every time it’s money, bills, and problems," she says. "But you add in the heat it’s nine times worse than when it’s cold outside.”

Harmony House says they get 40 to 50 percent more intakes from June 1st until the end of December. They believe during the summer months there’s more alcohol consumed, kids are home from school, and if there is already domestic violence issues than these factors can make it worse.

After gaining the courage to leave, the bruises are healing and she’s working on healing emotionally too. She explains that "Facing your fears is one step and I’m working on it."

For individuals who aren’t ready or don’t need shelter, Harmony House also offers an Outreach Program or you can call their crisis hotline at (417)864-7273.