SPRINGFIELD, MO - For many dogs, firework celebrations can be terrifying. But what makes our furry friends so scared of Independence Day celebrations? Sally Nail with The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri says fireworks can be loud and come without warning. 

“They have much better hearing than we do and they’re loud to us," says Nail. "So, if they’re loud to us than it is, definitely, loud to them.”

The Humane Society, generally, sees a higher intake of dogs around the 4th of July. Nail says the staff and volunteers make sure all the dogs are inside and play calming music for them through out the night while firework celebrations are going on. But for your furry friends at home, "Leave them in rooms where they can’t dart outdoors. A lot of people said my dog didn’t do anything last 4th of July but took off this year," explains Nail. "So, maybe, leash walk them. Give them an opportunity to know you’re close by and safe.”

And if that doesn’t seem to help she says it might be time to invest in a Thunder Jacket. "It’s little jackets that are tight fitting and comforts them so they know they are comforted. It’s definitely helped a lot of dogs in our shelter.”

If you see a dog after a fireworks display, by itself, make good judgment. Look and see if it’s disgruntled before you go up and approach it. Or if you're missing a dog you can call The Humane Society at (417) 833-2526.