(Springfield, Mo.) Celebrating with fireworks is best left up to the professionals , but if you're going to put on a display at home safety is key.

Fireworks will soon be lighting up the Ozarks skies for the 4th of July and a new generation of technology is giving pyrotechnics another reason to celebrate with the touch of a button.

"Fireworks themselves they do innovate but the thing is red, green, blue, looks kind of similar to like blue, green, red, and so I thought how do I better experience fireworks," explains Kevin Wu, Inventor, FireFly.

With the new, easy to use technology, Wu has designed the FireFly wireless app that allows you to launch fireworks from a safe distance using your tablet or smart phone.

"Everybody does everything on their phone now a days it was something simple for the younger generation to get into and I think that’s something the family can really bond over."

The FireFly app is the new craze in the firework world after 10,000 firework displays in the last year. Wu says you'll first grab the igniter and plug it in the box and you'll clap down on it. Then you download the app on your smart phone or tablet.

"The FireFly application allows you to design a show with your own music depending when you want the firework show to go off pin the cues wherever you want and just press play.

According to a recent study, nearly 13,000 people ended up in the emergency room last year because of firework injuries. That's why Wu is making sure you have July 4th fun while making sure your extremities are protected.

"The parents would not want them to go up to a firework and they still want to experience with the family and that’s a really key portion of it is the safety aspect that this does provide."

Wu says the new firing system costs $200 and is perfect for a one time pop or grand finale. He adds it's also reusable, especially in time for New Years Eve

The FireFly is designed to set off anything with a fuse. So anything from the smallest little smoke bomb all the way up to the largest 500 grams repeaters, anything will work with the FireFly.

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