SPRINGFIELD, MO - Governor Mike Parson was in Springfield, today, traveling to different places. Fox 5 spoke with him as he highlighted the state of Missouri’s tourism, tariffs, and immigration.

Touring Wonders of Wildlife, Governor Parson says Missouri’s largest industry is tourism.

"There are very few industries that we get a return on our money," says the governor. "So when government invests in tourism we’re getting money back, sometimes three or four fold.”

The governor, accompanied by Mayor Ken McClure, also spoke on current tariffs that are affecting local farmers. Saying short term it’s drastic for Missouri.

"Long term it, very well, could be the best thing for our country. But, I do think, long term we do have to make things where it’s much more fair playing field for some of these countries we’re dealing with," explains Parson.

Mayor McClure continued saying, “But we have to make sure that our economy, our industry, our agriculture is protected and can operate with a level playing field.”

Speaking with the president last week, Parson says he’s making sure Missouri farmers are being heard. And when it comes to immigration, once families are reunited from the border could Missouri be housing them? Parson says at this time we don’t know. But the mayor says Springfield wants to play whatever role is appropriate. "We want to work all the authorities on that to make sure we are a welcoming community.”

Mayor McClure says the governor is the right man for the right time as Missouri is facing economic growth and tourism. As well as being affected by other countries.