LEBANON, MO - The Lebanon Fire Department and other fire departments are partnering with the American Red Cross to install smoke alarms at no charge to residents in the mobile home park where a fire killed 5 children. 

Both Colleen Kennedy and Alden R. Bryant have lived in mobile homes at Ivey Lane for multiple years without smoke alarms. Colleen says she hasn’t had one for 25 years. "I just never thought about it," says Colleen. "You just don’t realize it and being unsafe. I’ve just always felt safe.”

For Alden, he says if your mobile home catches fire you have to act fast because they burn quick. "If you hear a smoke detector you’re probably going to be right behind the fire if you get up quick. I wouldn’t be able to get out the window. So if the doors are blocked off, for some reason, I'm stuck. I’m done.”

Greg Dickens, a fire marshal, says home fires kill an average of seven people each day in the United States. And with about 39 homes to go to, today, he says most homes don’t have enough if there’s just one installed.

"It’s an everyday deal," says Dickens. "When there’s death from a fire the Red Cross and the Fire Marshal’s Office team up to try and get smoke alarms installed in these homes.”

Dickens says a smoke alarm should be installed in every bedroom, commons area, and hallways.

If you don't have a smoke alarm, Dickens says get one immediately. For more information on how to get a smoke alarm installed call your local fire department or the American Red Cross.