SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- At just four months old, Baby Brynlee Jones was found dead at unlicensed, in-home daycare. Now, Brynlee's mother is speaking out and fighting for change, as she says regulations for unlicensed daycare providers need to be stricter, adding that stricter and enforced regulations may have helped to prevent her daughters death.

"She was a super happy baby, she never cried unless she was hungry that was it. We said from the beginning, all my family said she was an angel," said Kaleigh Cole, Brynlee's mother. 

On August 10th, Cole received the call no mother ever wants to answer. Her daughter's daycare was on the phone telling her that Baby Brynlee was not breathing and was being rushed to the hospital.

"They were doing everything they could. I asked if I could touch her and they said yes. It was one of those things, you touch her and you hope she comes back, but she was gone," said Cole.

According to the daycare owner, Brynlee had rolled over on her stomach and suffocated. However, since her daughter's death, Cole has come to discover that the daycare wasn't the safe and trusting place she thought it was. Over 20 children were in its care at the time of Brynlee's death, even though they were only legally allowed to watch four. Additionally, the owner wasn't even present at the time of the incident but instead had left her daughter in charge. 

"It's just a slap in the face knowing there aren't things being done to protect our children," stated Cole. 

Cole is now fighting for stricter regulations and consequences for those operating daycares, hoping that other families don't have to suffer the same heartbreak.

"I've been meeting with state representatives, lawmakers, and senators," said Cole. "My focus right now really is making sure something as senseless as this doesn't happen to another family."

She encourages other parents to ask questions when leaving their kids in other's care, adding that you can never be too careful. 

At this time, no criminal charges have been pressed against the daycare owner in connection to Brynlee's death, but a decision should be expected in the near future.