SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- From nightmare to reality, it's news that no daughter should ever have to hear. However, for Mariah Wescott, her worst fears came to life after two officers showed up at her door in the middle of the night to tell her that her father, 48-year-old Shone Swearingin, had been found dead on the side of the road. 

"He was always there for me, he would always try and talk to me, he drew me stuff all the time, wrote me letters, called me on the phone," said Mariah Wescott, Swearingin's daughter. 

Swearingin's only daughter now remembers her father for the family man he was as she tries to cope and make sense of his cruel and sudden death.

"When you hear your dad's been shot, it's like 'wow.' And dumped on the side of the road none-the-less, like garbage, and he wasn't, said Wescott. 

Swearingin was shot and killed during the early hours of June 8th and left on the side of the road just outside of Springfield. His alleged killer, Adam Phillips, claims he went for a drive with Swearingin when they got in an argument. He then told Swearingin he loved him right before shooting him in the head. However, for Mariah and her family, something about Phillips' account just doesn't add up.

"We don't understand it, it doesn't make sense," said Wescott. "I can tell you one thing, my dad would never go anywhere without shoes on, that literally just doesn't make sense."

Wescott says while she continues to mourn her father, she just wants answers, and she wants the truth. Until that time comes, however, she says she'll forever cherish her last days with her dad.

"I got to hold his hand, and we were the only ones in there with leather jackets on. I'm just going to remember how proud he was of me, and how much I was like him."

The man accused of murdering Swearingin is being held in the Greene County Jail on no bound. He is charged with first degree murder, armed criminal action, unlawful possession of a firearm and abandonment of a corpse. Wescott said while she doesn't wish any ill-will on her father's killer, she hopes justice is served.