SPRINGFIELD, MO - Ten high school students from the Springfield Public Schools are earning school credit by partnering with Habitat for Humanity to help build a home.

Through the Explore Program students spent two days in the classroom learning safety procedures and how to use construction tools. But now, they’re outside getting their hands dirty and two students told Fox 5 that it’s all about the community and getting school credit in the process.

The class is called Introduction to Construction.

“I like building things. I like working with my hands and working outdoors," says Seth, a senior. "And it’s just simple human kindness and compassion that goes along with it so it’s a good feeling.”

“I don’t like to be in class because it’s boring. I’d rather come out here and be a part of something that’s cool," says Lily, a junior.

Habitat says every helping hand makes a difference! And with people turning away from the construction industry, Habitat is showing kids the job is in high demand.

“Obviously, things still have to be built and maintained," says construction job site leader Steven SanPaolo. "Without people doing that type of work you wouldn’t have homes or buildings.”

Sanpaolo says you can learn a lot in the classroom but getting out in the field, hands on, will ready better the students.

And kids if you’re hesitant Seth says, "Do this, immediately! The best thing, I would say to them is, do this for sure. This is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.”

For more information on the Explore Program click here and to learn how you can volunteer at Habitat for Humanity click here.