SPRINGFIELD, MO - Two survivors of suicide say there's a better side than suicide. Attempting suicide 5 times, Robert Herran says, "I just couldn’t stand the pain no more. All the stuff I was going through, at the time, I didn’t see any other way out. Suicide seemed to be the answer, just to end it.”

Roberts last suicide attempt was 5 years ago after. For another suicide attempt survivor, Ebbie Casey, he says his last attempt was 9 years ago after the loss of his mother and grand mother.

"I still can hear the sound of the coffin and how it clicks and I try to not think about it," says Casey.

Feeling like there was no other way out of pain both Robert and Ebbie say they felt loneliness and extreme sadness. But Robert says the pain he experienced was indescribable. "I wasn’t going to leave a note. I was just going to do it," explains Robert. "I’m glad I’m still here, though!"

The Centers For Disease Control says suicide rates have increased by more than 25 percent since 1999. But Robert and Ebbie say there is life beyond the pain. They say seek help from organizations like NAMI. 

"I come up here at NAMI and share my story up here and this is the place that got me the help I needed 5 years ago," says Robert. "There’s a better side other than just suicide.”

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline website shows that when people share their experience coping with suicidal moments in a public forum suicide rates, typically, go down.

"If I can go, basically, ten years locking myself in the house and coming back out every day, now, than you can too," explains Ebbie.

Suicide can affect anyone at any age and any gender. It doesn’t discriminate. Stats show that there is on suicide every 40 seconds in the United States. So more than likely you know someone that has about it. To seek help for yourself or someone you know call 1-800-273-8255.

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