(Lebanon, Mo.) We are learning more tonight about the victims of the fatal fire that happened Wednesday in Lebanon, including the five children all below the age of five.

A family is still reeling as they cope with a devastating loss after five kids perished in a house fire along with injuring a woman.

"I’m supposed to protect them, it’s my job as a father and all I can think of is them screaming my name and I’m not there to help them," explains father of three Kelley Hunt. 

Kelley does not know if he will ever put his life together after he lost his three children, niece, and nephew in a house fire early Wednesday morning.

"I don’t have words to describe it except for it feels like a bad dream. That’s the only thing I can think of. I’m just waiting to wake up any second."

The kids killed in the fire were Benjamin Hunt,1, Ethan Hunt, 5; Maeanna Hunt, 2; Patience Malleck, 6 months; and Andre Malleck, 1. Another woman inside suffered serious injuries.

"Those three kids and my niece and nephew are the most the important things in my life and without them I have nothing now."

First responders' were called about 9 a.m. To the 1100 block of Ivey lane. When first responders' arrived the mobile home was fully engulfed in flames. However Kelley was at work and received the news no parent wants to hear

"I got out, ran up here and asked them where my children were cause they weren’t at the hospital and they said sir you need to sit down, we’ve got some bad news and all five of them they didn’t make it out of the house."

Heartbroken loved ones like Bobbie Brown, grandmother, gathered at the scene of the tragedy where her five young grandchildren lives were lost.

"Cherish your loved ones because tomorrow’s not promised to anybody and losing one person is hard when it’s unexpected it’s really hard," says Brown.

The grieving family is continuing to work through the shock of their loss while thanking the community for it's comfort and support.

"To the firemen and everybody else that risked their lives. I don’t know how they do this stuff everyday but from our family to all of them that we’re involved we’re deeply appreciative even though the results didn’t turn out the way everybody would’ve wanted them."

The family is currently working on funeral arrangements and has created a GoFundme Page to assist with the costs. We will continue to follow this story as it develops.