SPRINGFIELD, MO – Officers were in the 3500 block of S. Campbell when they heard several gunshots south of their location.

According to the release, the officers continued to hear gunshots and tracked them to 3465 S. Campbell where they observed a suspect jump out the window and run to a large overgrown field.

Police say a perimeter was established when a  9-1-1 caller reported someone breaking into their screened  porch.

Officers located and arrested Troy A Foubester, 34, at 652 W. Primrose.

According to a police spokesperson, Foubester damaged several vehicles in the area and tried to gain entry into several residences in the area. 

It is believed that Foubester discarded his weapons prior to being taken into custody. 

No one injured in this incident.

The search for the weapons and evidence is still ongoing. 

(Edited Media Release)