(Springfield, Mo.) Springfield Public Schools is the latest school district to discuss new safety policies following the shootings in Florida and Texas earlier this year.

"Kids can’t learn unless they feel safe," explains Dr. Bret Range Executive Director, School and Student Services for SPS. 

Springfield Public School leaders like Dr.Range met this week to work out how to spend money in the next fiscal year.

"We’re looking at asking the board to approve $4.37 million in safety and security upgrades so that we can kind of continue that conversation how we make campuses safe and secure."

Dr. Range says the new SPS budget is a sign of the times with a heavy focus on safety.

"2018, it’s a different day and age when you’re trying to keep kids safe and secure at school and schools have to listen to their community about what they feel like are important measures are in place."

If approved campus safety and security enhancements will be a big focus. Range says funding will go towards more officers on campus and enhancing staff training.

"Making sure that we have upgrades on all locks, that all buildings have the same procedure they use in the office when checking somebody in. That we put cameras in places that need cameras."

School safety isn't a new topic sps is tackling, but Range says the 2018-2019 budget boosts what his department is already doing.

"Because we’ve got older facilities and we know that keeping them up to standards of what safe and secure schools should look like in 2018 is a challenge."

While there are a lot of things being done within SPS  to prepare for catastrophic events, school officials say there is always room for improvement.

"I think Springfield is ready to respond to it and so we are doing everything in our power to be proactive to make sure that we have the steps in place to react to it if and when it does happen," explains Dr. Bret Range Executive Director, School and Student Services for SPS. 

The school board is expected to approve a final budget at their next school board meeting June 26th.