Springfield, Mo. - A scary situation this morning after a person driving a car crashed into a home with the homeowner inside. 

David Hunter, the homeowner, says him and his wife had special plans around 11 this morning, those plans quickly were put on hold.

"My wife was laying in bed. Today is her birthday and I was letting her sleep late. I was on the computer and all of the sudden we heard a thud, bounce, bump, and medal crunching," says David. "I came running out here, my wife behind me, and I open the garage door and there’s a strange car sitting half way in my garage.”

Living at the corner of Kansas and Westview for about three years now, David says this isn’t the first incident on the roads near his home. He says the road is very narrow in front of his home and that’s where the young lady ran off, barely missing a tree before running into the house.

David says the driver was a young teenager and he’s happy that nobody was hurt, but they are having to find somewhere to use the restroom now. "There is a bathroom just there on the other side of that wall and that bookshelf is, literally, sitting in our bathroom just almost on our toilet.”

It’s unclear how much there is in damages, but David says he does plan to rebuild.

"We’ll fix it, we’ll get another car and we’ll smile and say, ‘You remember when?’”

And as for his wife’s birthday he says, "A few things got put on hold. But we’re going to make it up, I'm going to make it up to her.”