SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Some Springfield residents are concerned after they say they suffered a cybersecurity breach through Springfield Public Schools.

Norman and Dianne Ely voiced their concerns Tuesday at a school board meeting, alleging that not only has all of their personal information been stored by Springfield Public Schools, but also that one of the district's employees has hacked into their daughter's personal accounts.

The Elys claim their daughter, an employee of SPS, has been hacked continuously over the past six months. They say her personal cell phone, email and even bank account and credit cards have all been under attack. The Elys claim they have traced the hacking to the Roseann Bentley Administrative Building which is owned by SPS.

"Let's just say everything she owned, including her Facebook and Twitter accounts (has been hacked). It's traumatic to be hacked that bad and have it continue and continue. It's very traumatic," said Dianne Ely, the mother of the SPS employee.

However, the alarming allegations don't stop there. The Elys claim that the SPS Google Drive stores information from any device the Drive is accessed on. This includes browser history, but also personal information, such as files and passwords. They add that even if you log out of the Drive, it stays running and recording in the background.   

Now all of the Ely's devices which their daughter logged into her SPS Drive on has been affected.

"All the information that both families have has been stored in the SPS Google vaults. We've been shocked to discover all this," said Ely.

However, the district says while these claims are extremely alarming, SPS has no evidence to believe they are true, but they will be looked into.

"Based on the investigation we have done internally and will continue to do, we believe our systems are strong and secure. But that being the case, we will continue to support and address those issues with those who are concerned," said Stephen Hall, the chief communication officer for Springfield Public Schools.

SPS adds that if anyone else has concerns similar to these, they should come forward.

The Elys told FOX 5 their daughter has shut down everything connected to the school and the SPS Google Driver, however her cell phone is still being hacked. A police report has been filed, and SPS states they are cooperating fully with the investigation.