SPRINGFIELD, MO - The Humane Society of the United States released its 100 list of problem puppy mills and dog sellers. And for the sixth year in a row Missouri is ranking number one in complaints. 

The list, being dubbed the Horrible Hundred, reports cruel conditions where pet breeding operations focus on profit over animal welfare. Missouri, currently, has 23 puppy mills where puppy’s can be found with open wounds including; their ribs and spines showing, dirty water, and filthy cages.

Dani Butler, with the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri, says there are multiple reasons Missouri ranks number one.

“We’re centrally located in the United States and that can make it easy for puppy mills to be established," says Butler. "And some of it can be contributed to state law, local, and even county laws in regards to how many numbers when it comes to housing animals.”

The report shows that a number of cities in Missouri have puppy mills including; Marshfield, Ava, and West Plains.

Butler says the Humane Society does get an amount of dogs and puppy’s that come from these pet breeding operations. And thinks the amount they get is higher than what’s recorded. “A lot of times we see adult dogs that were used to breed the puppies and then they were dumped or brought to us," she explains.

If you see a puppy mill Butler says to call the police or the Humane Society. And the best way you can shut down a puppy mill is by adopting, spay and neuter your pets, and take them to the vet.

All the dogs in this story are up for adoption and to see the full Horrible Hundred report click here.