AURORA, MO - A surprising development in the officer involved shooting that 21-year-old killed Savannah Hill. Police are calling it a traffic stop gone wrong. And that Hill, whom died of a gunshot wound from an Aurora officer had set up the traffic stop for police to capture a wanted felon, 19-year-old Mason Farris.

The probable cause statement obtained by fox 5 shows that Hill contacted the Aurora Police Department and that she was at a Casey’s gas station and Farris was a passenger in the rear seat of her vehicle.

Setting up a plan to arrest Farris on parole violation, Hill proceeded to turn on her child safety locks so he wouldn’t get away.

Court documents show that police pulled hill over and “the male appeared to move toward the front seat trying to push hill’s leg down forcing it onto the accelerator in reverse...hitting and injuring an Aurora police officer."

Shots were then fired, causing Hill to have life threatening injuries that she later succumbed to. Hill’s father, Chris Nethery, told Fox 5 that, The family is ecstatic that the first steps in justice are being done. It doesn’t change the fact that Savannah is dead. Unfortunately, she is the victim. But we are glad her name is cleared before the funeral tomorrow.”

Mason Farris is being charged with five felony counts including second degree murder, two assaults in the first degree of an officer, armed criminal action, and resisting an arrest.