Alma, Ar. -- Arkansas Highway Police discovered 200 pounds of cannabis during a commercial vehicle motor carrier safety inspection Sunday at the Alma Weigh Station—the fifth major drug seizure at the location in the last six months, officials say.

Police conducting the safety inspection Sunday afternoon at the weigh station on Interstate 40 eastbound seized approximately 200 pounds of cannabis found in the sleeper berth area of the commercial vehicle. A sleeper berth is a small compartment attached to the cab in which the driver can rest when taking a break.

The driver, 46-year-old Eduardo Ruiz of Miami, Florida, was transported to the Crawford County Detention Center and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The vehicle was operated by Rio Miel Transport, LLC of Miami. According to bills of lading, the load of refrigerated foods originated from Platteville, Colorado and was being delivered to Anniston, Alabama.

An approximate total amount of 1,200 pounds of cannabis and 1,000 vials of cannabis oil have been seized in the last six months.

(Media Release)