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Living with dyslexia

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SPRINGFIELD, MO - One out of 5 people have dyslexia. For 9-year-old Caroline, she's not letting her trouble with reading get in the way of her goals. Her type of dyslexia makes it hard for her to sound out words. Making her guess what the word is.

“Words, they kind of look like mumble jumble," she says. "They would look mashed!”

Her mother, Heather, says she started noticing signs when Caroline was going into the third grade.

“She couldn’t remember site words from day to day," says Heather. "She would learn them one day and we would quiz over them. The next day she would forget most of them.”

Dyslexia is genetic. Caroline saying she got it from her dad. "As we were going through some of things that she was struggling with he recognized that those were some of the things he struggled with when he was a child," explains Heather.

But dyslexia isn’t slowing her down! Going to three days of tutoring at the Springfield Center for Dyslexia and Learning, Caroline says she’s just unique.

"I’m not in a big crowd but I’m with another crowd. With dyslexians."

"If your child has dyslexia experts recommend engaging your kids in a fun writing activity. If you think your child, might, have dyslexia the Springfield Center for Dyslexia and Learning does offer testing. 

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