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World of Weather: New activity on Hawaiian Volcano

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Hilo, HI - 

After a brief pause in volcanic activity earlier today on Hawaii's big island, Kilauea spewing more lava tonight from two new rift zones, prompting renewed evacuations.

Geologists continue to say that the rift zone is still inflated so we continue to be vigilant and be prepared. - Gov. David Ige, Hawaii

The eruption of Kilauea continuing to threaten the community of Leilani Estates, destroying another home this afternoon, bringing the number of homes claimed by lava to least 27 homes, along with a dozen other structures.

Some 17 hundred people have been forced to evacuate. Some Hawaiians say they're frustrated by the lack of updates, they describe the last few days as stressful, and uncertain.

It was very terrible the last couple of days. Folks waited hours to get in. It know, tempers were flaring. - Andy Andrews, Evacuee

While some residents were allowed to briefly return during daylight to check on their property and retrieve belongings, renewed activity has forced officials to close down the subdivision once again.

Some residents who know their homes are still standing, are preparing for the worst.

It's a really terrible feeling now because some of us have lost our homes, and some of us haven't. So depending on where you stand on that divide, it's a completely different relationship with this as something that might happen or something that has already happened. I gave a guy a ride in yesterday and we were hoping to get to his home to get things out and as we arrive his home was in flames and it was just gut wrenching. - Andrews

But he says, some good things have come of the disaster.

There's some wonderful community energy that is coming together around this... You live long enough you find hardship brings people together. - Andrews

And while the volcano was relatively quiet today, geologists warn it may not be over yet.

I think what we can say is this is not over. The seismicity continues. There's still magma within the rift zone and so I think for the foreseeable future this eruption is likely to continue. - Janet Babb, Geologist for USGS

More than a dozen volcanic vents have now opened up throughout the Puna district, two new vents opening in the last few hours. In addition to the lava threat, civil defense warns that the vents are emitting dangerous sulfur dioxide, and residents should pay close attention to air quality.

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