Strafford, Mo. -

The wild animal safari showed off their newest addition today and Fox 5 was there to welcome her to the Ozarks.

Meet Blossom, a two-month old female reticulated giraffe. Blossom arrived from Georgia three weeks ago and is getting adjusted to her new surroundings. Even though blossom is smaller compared to Sheldon, the other giraffe at the park, the safari says it's only a matter of a time until she reaches new heights.

"She's gonna get much larger than she is right now. When she was born she was already over six feet tall and weighed one hundred and twenty-five pounds, but by the time she's done growing she'll be well over seventeen feet tall and could weigh about two thousand pounds," said Vice President Mike.

The drive-thru animal park is open year round. You can find their operating hours at