(Branson West, Mo.--04-10-18) The Stone County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to investigate a murder-suicide that unfolded Monday after four people were found dead from gun shot wounds inside a home.

A quiet retirement community became a horrific crime scene Monday afternoon with news that four people died in what authorities are describing as a murder suicide.

"Yesterday afternoon around 2:15 p.m. officers were dispatched to 28 Crown Street for a check of well being. Apparently a family member called the neighbor to check on the family and try to get in contact with them," explains Sheriff Doug Rader, Stone County Sheriff's Department. 

"Neighbor knocked on the door, peaked in the window and seen a body laying on the floor."

According to Rader, deputies were called to a home in a retirement community to do a welfare check and were met by a neighbor who was concerned about the residents

"Officers arrived on scene and found four deceased at the residence."

When officers entered the house, inside they found the bodies of 47-year-old Victor Gibson, 70-year-old Susan Gibson, 17-year-old Daniel Gibson, and 43 year old Cynthia Miller. Rader says all four suffered gunshots to the head and victor Gibson died of a self-inflicted gunshot.

"It’s a very quiet neighborhood. A lot of retired folks live there. We do not go on many calls in that area. We had been at this residence in July 2017 for a domestic."

A motive still unclear, however, after what unfolded, neighbors like John Rowe says it is a wake up call.

"You just don’t know today what really transpires with people. I mean obviously he had a problem, he didn’t want to solve it the right way, he went the wrong way about it, truthfully, I mean it’s sad," explains Rowe.

Rowe says his neighborhood is a peaceful one, however what happened two doors down was out of the ordinary.

"You’ve got to live from day to day. You know unfortunately three of them aren’t going to be able to do that again, live from day to day, the three of them aren’t going to be able to. The fourth one made the decision for that."

Authorities say the investigation is still ongoing.