Springfield, Mo. -- (03/09/2018) Tragedy struck the Clinton community Tuesday night after three officers responded to a 911 call, only to later discover, it was the wrong location.

Officer Christopher Ryan Morton along with two other Clinton police officers were dispatched to a house on Grandriver Street, expecting to find two women inside.

However, the scene took a turn as officers arrived at the given location only to find convicted felon James Waters inside the home with a gun. Waters proceeded to shoot all three officers, killing Morton and injuring the others.

An investigation is now underway to uncover how officers were sent to a house 20 miles away from the original call. According to the Newsleader, Henry County 911 Communications released a statement Friday stating they are working hard to discover why the error occurred, adding they believe a malfunction with their street database may be responsible.

Tonight the community of Clinton continues to grieve as onlookers lined the streets as Officer Morton's body was given a full police escort back to the community he once served following his autopsy.

Now for the second time in just seven months, Clinton is depending on the Missouri Law Enforcement Assistance Team to help with Morton's funeral arrangements.

On Monday, 2,800 people are expected to fill up a local Clinton convection center to pay their final respects to officer Morton. Law enforcement will then lead a procession to Morton's hometown of Knob Noster where he will be buried.

For information on Morton's funeral, click here.