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Springfield School Police participate in trauma care training

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(Springfield, Mo.--03/09/18) When school resource officers find themselves in a bad situation—there’s only one way out: and that’s to rely on their training to save victims when paramedics can't make it to the scene. 

While law enforcement like are shouldered with the job of neutralizing a threat and protecting hundreds of people daily,

"It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. This is going to happen eventually somewhere around here," explains Cpl. James Craigmyle with the Greene County Sheriff's Office. 

The task of tending to the injured while an active shooter looms in the foreground like the gunman who gun down more than 17 in a Florida school is both stressful and perilous.

"It’s something to where if it does happen there instincts kick in and this is a useful tool that they’ll be able to carry with them throughout their career."

But proper training can make such situations at least more familiar,

"Maybe they’re going to have somebody that’s acting like a child that’s shot or a teacher that’s shot or a teacher that’s down. They’re going to have to go in and they’re going to have to learn how to move in the building effectively."

That’s why Greene County Sheriff Office is teaming up with Springfield School Resource Officers to bring them up to speed on the latest modalities for applying triage care.

Jim Ferrell, Director of School Police, Springfield Public Schools, tells FOX5, "This will give our officers the skills they need while maintaining a safe environment for themselves and others to give that student or that staff member the medical attention that they need right then and there."

Ferrell says this class was scheduled prior to the Florida school shooting.

"This will teach them how to respond to an incident where there’s wounded and there may be a shooter in the area."

The training at the old doling elementary is called TCCC which stands for Trauma, Combat, Casuality and Care.

"This gives multiple floors, multiple rooms, so it gives the person the ability to have multiple scenarios and since it is dealing with the school resource officers this is the perfect opportunity because they work in these schools day in and day out," explains Craigmyle. 

Authorities say by training those within the immediate emergency how to appropriately render medical aid, he adds it greatly increases the potential survivability of the wounded.

"You might have seconds until somebody bleeds out. If you get a femoral artery that’s open and the person doesn’t have the right frame of mind to apply an tourniquet to themselves we have now more officers that can apply these."

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