(Clinton, Mo.--03/07/18) One police officer is dead tonight and two other wounded after attempting to apprehend a suspect late Tuesday evening in Clinton.

The suspect in the shooting was later found dead with a gunshot wound and another taken into custody. 

Law enforcement and the community of Clinton finds itself in mourning again, for the second time, in seven months after another officer was killed last night in the line of duty.

"Our community still hasn’t stopped grieving over that and we we’re all effected, everybody, and to see this happen is just very tragic," explains neighbor, Karen Conroy. 

Officer Christopher Ryan Morton died in the shooting, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The 30-year-old had taken a leave from the department after the slaying of officer Gary Michael in August, but then had since returned to the force.

"We have probably one of the best police force here and sheriff department and we’re such a tight family."

37-year-old James Waters, of Clinton, has an extensive criminal history and is believed to have shot and killed officer Morton, and wounded two officers.

"I heard the first gunshot, it was a single gunshot and I thought to myself that is a gunshot."

One after the other, gun shots became the community alarm in Conroy's neighborhood just after 9:20 Tuesday night.

"I just heard this screaming, this woman screaming, and then the fires just kept going, the gun fire, boom, boom, boom, boom."

According to officials, Police were dispatched to a residence after a frantic 911 call which women were heard screaming.

"The saddest thing I saw is these three officers were carrying this one officer up under his arms and he kept collapsing, and then they got him to the corner and he collapsed to the ground."

The anger and emotion were rippling through the small town as neighbors saw police quickly fill their street.

Sheryl Long is another neighbor that heard the rapid gunfire and tells FOX5,"just how sad this world has gotten and it’s so senseless and I don’t know what needs to happen or what, but this crap has got to stop."

 Wednesday Mccain was feet away from stray bullets after several hit her home while she was asleep. She tells FOX5," I was thinking about oh God lee right across the street that, I’m not sure what happened but it’s terrible but the worst part is lives were lost.

The communtiy says they will recover and come out stronger as they fly their flags half staff for the second time in less then a year.