Springfield, MO -- (3/6/18) Chapter President of Newborns in Need, Pam Detten says, “If it wasn’t for our amazing volunteers and our generous community, we would not be able to do what we do. And what we do is we help the tiniest victims of poverty.”

Serving 29 counties in Southwest Missouri, Newborns in Need provides essential supplies to newborns and their families – and nearly all of those supplies are hand-made by volunteers. And there’s one volunteer who’s been making – and donating – items for eight years.

Ramona Hamilton, who volunteers at Newborns in Need says she's made “almost 12,000 items.”

And that number is still growing.

Self-taught sew-er, Ramona began donating items that she made for her family members after they no longer needed them. Her signature items: “burps and bibs, and then blankets and quilts.”

Ramona has the sewing down to a science, saying, “I press the fabric. I cut everything out. Then I pin it. Then I sew it, turn it, press it again, top-stitch it and pack it.”

After tens of thousands of sewn items, her love for sewing may be an understatement.

“I enjoy doing it, or else I wouldn’t be doing it.” Ramona adds.

What's more, the reason she keeps sewing is for the infants she never meets.

"And I know sometimes, these are the only new items a baby gets.” She mentions.

In partnership with Air Services and All Service Plumbing, Ramona was awarded our Pay It Forward winner of February, receiving a $250 VISA gift card. 

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