SPRINGFIELD, MO (03/05/18) -  A local coffee company is giving back to the military and first responders. Got Your Six Coffee Company is fairly new and helping through various non-profits by donating 100 percent of their net profits to helping those who serve and protect.

Eric Hadley began Got Your Six Coffee Company because he says he was tired of seeing how veterans were being treated. As a veteran himself, he decided to put his money where his mouth was. In this case, it was with a cup of coffee.

Hadley says, “I learned that 400 million cups of coffee is consumed in the United States, every day, and if I can capture a small percentage of that and use it do to good within my community and my country, why not?”

The name Got Your Six comes from the military term of ‘I got your back.’ And with 100 percent of the net profits going to eight different branches of service, just like their logo, they help those in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Core, law enforcement, EMT's, and firefighters.

With 22 veterans committing suicide everyday, Hadley says he hears inspiring stories from people that make him continue to push forward with his company.

"As we get to talking, him and his friend, two months prior, both of them had friends that committed suicide on the same weekend," says Hadley. "And when stuff like that happens I know I'm doing the right thing.”

Now, Hadley is working with Operation Safe Haven with an Air Force veteran in New Jersey that’s building tiny homes. “We’re on a big push to help him finish his Go Fund Me campaign because if we can finish it than he’s going to come down here as a consultant and purchase land and we’re going to do the same thing down here," he says.

The raffle includes a year supply of coffee, a glock 43, and more. To purchase a raffle ticket, click here.