WEST PLAINS, MO (03/02/18) - With the high number of school shootings, local schools here in The Ozarks are sending some of their teachers for carry and conceal active shooter training.  For the safety of the teachers Fox 5 has been asked to blur their faces.

After Sandy Hook, a local school asked Greg Martin for a program were they could arm staff members and maintain their liability throughout school hours.

“The body can’t go some place the mind has never been," says Martin, CEO of Shield Solutions. "And so what we do is put them in reality based training that puts them in situations where they’re like, ‘Wow this is scary. I didn’t realize it was going to be like this.’ We got to get that heart rate up.”

Martin says Shield Solutions is a big decision for local schools to make that needs to be done right and can be very intense.

Nine out of 10 public schools hold mass shooting practices and at Shield Solutions they practice three 8 hour days with a minimum of 24 hours per year. And Martin says that minimum 24 hours is to keep the teacher staff proficient.

"And they have to pass each qualification with a 90 percent," explains Martin. "If they don’t they have one retry and if they don’t pass it then they’re out.”

Having his teachers staff go through the program every year, an Ozarks Christian Academy school board member says he thinks his staff and students are safer after the training. “It’s not the same thing day in and day out or every year," says David Hale. "Shield is continually improving and they’re continually improving our teachers.”

Martin says if a school wants to go through the training it’s imperative to be responsible and to go through it properly.

To reach Shield Solutions you can call 417-256-6611 or visit their website at www.shieldsolutionsllc.org.