(Springfield, Mo.--02/28/18) There's a new store that hundreds of people across the Ozarks are flocking to.

Instead of prescriptions they are looking to alternative medications made from hemp.

"There is an answer and it’s natural, it’s perfectly natural. Your child is not going to be given any drugs, you’re not going to have any side effects," explains Sharon Wilkinson, Representative, American Shaman Springfield. 

Wilkinson is an employee at the newest business, American Shaman Springfield, and says the oils is THC free and legal to sell.

"We want to make people aware that there’s a natural way to heal themselves. Cannabis oil is what CDP is an anti inflammatory. Your own body is making cannabis oil so we’re not suggesting you put anything foreign into your body or any extra chemicals into your body."

Since CBD products, also known as cannabis oil, have little to no THC-- a chemical compound highly concentrated in marijuana--people do not feel the effect of being high.

"No you could drink my store and you’re not going to get a high this is strictly for the medical benefit. It’s not recreational in the least.  Also that we’re extracted from industrial hemp which makes us legal throughout the country."

Wilkinson has seen the impacts of what the oil can do. She says it can help with a variety of things like autism, add, stress and muscle pain.

"Everything you eat, drink, and exercise is so important to the body but we can give you relief and let you live a full life pain free."

When Danielle Keeney learned about CBD oil, she was desperate to find an alternative to her addictive medications she was prescribed after her car accident.

 "I think it’s exciting for me because there’s relief besides taking medication and I’m not a pills person," says Keeney.

The products are available in balms, liquid drops capsules, and also edible gummies.

"Just sitting here and doing the cream on my forehead and behind my ear and my back. I feel a sense of relief. I don’t feel anxious , I don’t feel nervous."

Employees say it's best to do your research to find what dosage and product will work best.

"How is it important for anything that you're unaware of to go ahead and do your research and not just accept what you're told, explains Wilkinson. 

American Shaman plans to opens another store on the East side of Springfield in March and another location in Branson