(Springfield, Mo.--02/26/18) In the aftermath of the latest school shooting in Florida, and a round of threats to schools across the country, students at Pershing Middle School are finding uplifting notes on their lockers.

FOX5 spoke to the student-led group who hopes the small gesture will leave a positive impact.

Pershing Middle School had a different look to it when students walked through the doors. On each locker, a colored sticky was front and center. Each one-700 of them- had a message on it.

"Really want kids to know they have a purpose and that they matter and want everybody to know that you can be kind and you don’t have to be judged," explains Pershing Middle School 6th Grader Paige Ramsey.

It's been two weeks since the deadly shooting in Florida but the pain is still felt here in the Ozarks. That's why sixth graders decided to lift the spirits of everyone at their school.

"Schools can get very tough sometimes and maybe some kids or maybe some adults are struggling with their kid being bullied and this is just to help people realize that people can be nice."

A group of young people like Ramsey and Darcy Dake haven’t stepped into a high school just yet, but already know a lesson some adults never learn and they hope to make it spread. One sticky note at a time.

"Especially the kids who found sticky notes on their lockers they were very happy and excited."

On a bright, 2 inch sticky note, written in plain black ink are the kind words that we need,but don’t hear nearly enough.

"You are loved and your important and you matter every single day and if you’re not here we’re going to miss and we’re going to let you know that you’re missed because we can’t do everyday unless we’re all here," explains Melissa Colvin, 6th Grade English Teacher at Pershing Middle School.

A small symbol of encouragement that Colvin says shows little gestures can make a big impact,that students hope to spread.

"Even if it touches one kid, you’ve made a difference. Even if one kids day is impacted you’ve made a difference and you never know whose life is going to be better cause of what you’ve done."

The notes had immediate impact on Pershing and others like Brendan Moran

"It’s a good thing to start your day to see something nice about yourself and helps you get along with your day," explains Moran.