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Christian County Course Exchange

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CHRISTIAN COUNTY, MO (02/232/18) - The six Christian County schools held a joint conference to fill the public in on their launch of the Christian County Course Exchange. The schools are breaking down district boundaries to ensure students have every opportunity to succeed.

The schools include; Billings, Chadwick, Nixa, Ozark, Sparta, and Spokane. The school districts are the first in the state of Missouri to come combine courses for their students.

“This is opening that door and crossing those borders giving chances to all kids in Christian County to maybe take a class that they possibly can’t take in their own school district," says the president of the Ozark school board, Patty Quessenberry.

For example, Nixa will benefit from the course exchange because, currently, their junior high and high school doesn’t have an agriculture program.

“Now, for students in Nixa that want to pursue that maybe it’s something they grew up wanting to do," says Nixa public schools Kevin Kopp. "Maybe it’s something that’s in the family. Now, that opportunity is there.”

But it won’t be free. The districts are saying that it will cost about $500 and two courses will be offered per student. Scheduling courses for students begins in April. And the schools hope to start the exchange next school year. 

Quessenberry explains that, “I hope to see us set an example for the state of Missouri and maybe nationally.”

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