SPRINGFIELD, Mo. --(2/22/2018) Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is fighting to end gun violence, and the Springfield community is joining in as record numbers are attending the first meeting since the deadly Florida shooting.

Over 70 people came out for one of the largest meetings Moms Demand Action has ever hosted, as more people begin to fight for change after the Florida shooter took 17 lives.

"It's tremendously sad that we had another event like we had in Florida, but people are tired of what is going on, and people are tired of no action," said Kent Stalder the Legislative Lead for Moms Demand Action.

The organization boasts 4 million members across the 50 states, all of whom are now banning together to not only educate on gun safety, but fight for legislature they feel will help keep the community safe.

"We want stricter gun laws. We think there needs to be a background check on every gun sale. We think there needs to be more data tracking about guns in the United States like who owns them and where they are," said Stalder.

The group stresses that while they do support the second amendment right, they don't believe more guns are the answer to ending the issue of gun violence. They are taking it upon themselves to make sure change happens.

"We just don't act. We talk about it for a little while and then it goes away, and that has to stop. We have to talk about it and keep talking about it and take action. The time is now," said Stalder.

While Moms Demand Action was started by a mom hoping to make a difference, anyone is welcome to join.

The organization stated they have monthly meetings and are also apart of numerous events around the community. If you would like more information on how you can be a part of this group, click here.