-- (2/22/2018) A five-year-old boy got a tremendous sendoff from hospital staff after a life-saving operation. Medics and nurses showered Lucas Kelley, who starred in the blockbuster movie Patriots' Day starring Mark Wahlberg, with streamers and bubbles after he underwent a bone marrow transplant at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“Every member of that team works so hard to help the kids in there and every time a kid is discharged they throw a bubble parade,” Lucas' mother, Lindsay, told news service SWNS. 

She added, “It’s a special way to say, “Hey, you made it!”

The budding actor was diagnosed with a rare immunodeficiency disorder called chronic granulomatous disease, or CGD, at 18 months old, which means his body has a tough time fighting off bacteria and infection.

Lucas is at home recovering from the transplant, which will hopefully regenerate his immune system and cure him of CGD.

The entire family is living under one roof to support Lucas and keep him in good company - mom, dad, stepdad, three siblings and two stepsiblings - yet they make sure he stays in semi-isolation to help reduce his risk of infection.

Lindsay commented, “Lucas is a complex kid that needs a village around him and this is what we’re doing."

"It might seem a bit strange that I live with both my ex-husband and my husband, but it’s what we need to do to get through this as a family,” the 33-year-old mom said.

“Lucas’ immune system is so fragile right now that we need to limit his exposure to the outside world," she said, "and this means as a family we need to do this as well."