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Local gun shop speaks on bump stock regulations

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (2/20/2018) After reports surfaced last year that the gunman responsible for the mass shooting in Las Vegas used a bump stock on his semi-automatic rifle, President Trump is now taking action by responding to the plea from many across the U.S. for something to change.

Fifty-eight lives were tragically ended last October, after the man responsible for the Las Vegas massacre used a fire arm modifier known as a bump stock to shoot rapid fire. The gun accessory is used to give a semi-automatic the power to mimic the shooting speed of a fully automatic rifle.

While there are currently no national laws against bump stocks, that may soon be changing as President Trump signed a memo today ordering new regulations to ban the accessory.  

"It's mainly just a hobby, just going to the range and having some fun with it," said Zach Terhark, the owner of Eagle Armory. "I don't really see any purpose for it self-defense wise or hunting or anything like that."

While president Trump believes this regulation will help to protect citizens, the proposed ban has drawn mixed reactions from the gun community.

"I think there's always room for improvement for any laws, especially gun laws. I think some of my customers probably will be upset that they're becoming illegal, it doesn't really upset me if they were. That's really just up to the lawmakers," said Terhark.

Eagle Armory said they have sold bump stocks in the past, however, after the Vegas attack, many distributors stopped supplying the accessory and the armory has not carried them since.

Few specifics have been released about the proposed ban, however the Department of Justice stated they are acting quickly on the president's order. The White House also added that further action can be expected in the coming days.

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