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Suicide rate among veterans continues to rise

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(Springfield, Mo.--02/20/18) Fighting for our country is the ultimate sacrifice, but coming home after war- for some- can be another battle. Experts say nationwide, more than 20 veterans commit suicide daily.

As a suicide attempt survivor, Gregory Fosdick says he's been there

"Suicide has crossed my mind before but that’s all it did. I always see the light at the end of the tunnel,' explains Fosdick.

Fosdick served in the U.S. Army from 1974-1977, after trying to drink himself past the demons that darkened his mind, and losing more than 30 brothers to suicide, Gregory says help is a necessity.

"It’s shocking man cause you know they seem so strong so valiant when they’re in that combat mode or military mode just like you know just indestructible whenever they leave that I don’t know like they just got kicked out in the cold."

The new report from the Veterans Administration indicates that the national veteran suicide is 38.4 per 100,000 .Missouri rate was 47.2.

"You feel alone but you’re never alone and those guys won’t leave you, they’ll, 99.9% of them will die for you."

Stephanie Appleby is the Director of Marketing and Development for the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southwest Missouri. She tells FOX5," We are not doing enough to help our veterans. It’s a slow process, it shouldn’t be. We’ve got to hook them up with resources immediately when they get out.

That's why NAMI is stepping up their efforts to keep military members from ending their lives with a program called Homefront.

"Everyone is important, but I think specifically our veterans have done so much for us and for our country. I mean they’re the reason we’re here."

Appleby says it's a 6 week program to help connect veterans with resources and address the problems they face once they enter the civilian life.

 "I think that when you’re dealing with a mental health condition and you feel like you can’t seek help for that,I mean that will cost them their life."

Gregory’s advice to other veteran’s struggling with the fight: find something you want and work for it.

"Work hard for what you want and you can achieve it you know it. As long as you got a breath in you there’s you’ve got success in you to. If you feel like you need help go get it," explains Fosdick.

Click Here for more information about Homefront

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