SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- (02/19/2018) After the massacre at a Florida high school took 17 lives, protests against gun violence are filling the streets as students voice their hurt, anger and fear. The students emphasize the need for change, a cry that is heard even here in the Ozarks.

"Just to think about going to school and not coming home. It's not okay that we have to think like this just going to school. The current situation is not how it should be and we need change," Lily Budd, an 8th grader enrolled in the Scholars Program at Central High School.

Fourteen-year-old Lily is a local student and one of the organizers for the March for Our Lives rally, a nation-wide event where residents will join together on March 24 to fight for stricter gun laws and raise awareness against gun violence.

"Even if we don't succeed with the gun laws which is our main goal, even if we just get better protection in classrooms like being educated, we need that," said Budd.

While her parents say they are proud, Lily is fighting for more than just herself, but also her friends and peers who she says are tired of living in fear.

"It's hard to learn and be comfortable and concentrate when you are constantly afraid."

Acting on the voices that are begging to be heard across the nation, President Trump has scheduled a listening session where he will sit down with high schoolers as they voice their concerns.

The March for Our Lives rally here in Springfield will take place downtown at Park Central Square. For more information on how you can be a part of the event, click here.