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SNAP program would be replaced with meal kits, according to Trump's proposal

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(Springfield, Mo.--02/13/17) President Trump's federal budget proposal includes massive cuts to the program that provides food assistance for low income families.

Formerly known as food stamps, SNAP offers services to millions of individuals and families like Megan Marin.

"The food stamps give you an opportunity to go and choose what your kids like, what they want. Make sure they have something in their belly," explains Marin

President Trumps administration plans to create a new program, dubbed America's Harvest Box, which would replace about half the money families receive through the SNAP program.

"It’s pretty concerning because it’s better to have your own card and know what you need and know what you have in your cabinets and stuff. Maybe the box doesn’t always have what you need."

Tom Faulkner is the Director of Crosslines Food Pantry. He says the package would consist of powdered milk, ready to eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter and canned foods.

"Our poverty rate has doubled over the last 10 years in our community, So whenever you add other problems to that or things that could potentially be a problem then you’re looking at putting a big strain on the system again," explains Faulkner.

Trump's administration believes states can provide the food packages cheaper than what SNAP clients pay for food at stores, saving more than $120 billion over the next decade.

"Overall I think we need to look at an individuals situation. We don’t need to make any rash decisions and say we’re just going to cut this program by $213 billion  over a 10 year period of time. We can’t do things like that. This is people’s lives, this is their families."

He ends the end result would likely be fewer benefits for those who need them most.

 "It’s got to be terribly scary. I mean if you’re thinking of being a mom or a dad and seeing these safety nets being pulled underneath from you whenever you’re already struggling and you’re already pushed to your limits that’s just got to be devastating to family."

The president's budget still needs to be approved by congress and will likely face modifications before that time.

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