SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- (02/12/2018) Icy sidewalks and slippery pavement made for dangerous conditions for those who were brave enough to leave their homes, as Mercy Hospital reports treating almost 200 patients who slipped on the ice.

"There was a wide variety of injuries. A lot of fractures or even injuries like subdermal injuries, so bleeding injuries," said Lisa Hallam, Director of Nursing with the Emergency Department at Mercy.

The hospital says they even saw patients with head injuries and other serious problems that kept operating rooms extremely busy.

"Our operating rooms went all weekend, 24/7. We had four rooms running which is a high number of rooms for surgeries for the weekend," said Hallam.

While many of the hospital's patients were elderly, icy pavement is a hazard for any age. That's why Mercy says that if you do venture out during the next round of winter weather, you should be aware of when to seek medical attention if you do slip and fall.

"If you're in a severe amount of pain you need to be seen, if you're on any type of  blood thinners that's a high risk patient that falls, any deformity, anytime you have any question you need to be seen."

The best way to stay out of the ER during icy conditions is to stay home, but if you absolutely have to leave your house, one trick you can use is to put socks on your shoes as it will give you traction while you walk on the ice.