SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- (02/09/2018) In light of recent allegations against Presiding Commissioner Bob Cirtin, the community is starting to speak out as one concerned citizen has come forward today and asked for the commissioner's removal from office.

The citizen, who has been identified as Linda Simkins, filed an affidavit with Greene County Clerk Tom Barr, stating that in addition to the allegations of the misuse of taxpayer funds to advocate for the half cent tax increase, she believes there are other allegations against Cirtin that also need to be investigated.

She has also asked Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson to assign a special prosecutor to initiate any action against Cirtin, as she believes there could be a possible conflict of interest in the case as Patterson has been copied on e-mails from Cirtin in the past.

Simkins petition follows the many documents and emails released to the public after Trysta Herzog, a former Greene County employee, was revealed as the original whistleblower. She has accused the commissioner of daily coercion to participate in political activities as part of her job.

FOX 5 did contact Commissioner Cirtin for comment in which he responded:

"There has been no evidence of allegations that would warrant my removal from office. I trust that the public will see this for what it is- political maneuvers."

Cirtin also told FOX 5 that this is not the first time Simkins has come after the county as she has filed numerous complaints against  him, Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott and their Political Action Committee.

A request like this is very rare and has not been filed with the county for over twenty years. According to Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson, this case has been passed on to the Missouri Attorney General's Office.