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Local organization claims accusations are "bogus and false" made by the BBB

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SPRINGFIELD, MO (02/07/18) - We get them all the time. Organizations send out fliers hoping that you’ll donate to their cause. But the Springfield’s Better Business Bureau says one local organization might be misleading. But the Veterans in Defense of Liberty say that’s bogus and false accusations.

The BBB continues to receive inquiries from consumers about mailers, like Veterans in Defense of Liberty, that spend little on program services with much of the money going to the professional fundraisers who run their giving campaigns.

“We’re concerned because our investigators have found that in 2014 and 2015, according tax documents, more than a million dollars was raised," says Stephanie Garland with the BBB. "But, only, less than $50,000 of that went towards this non-profit.”

Dr. Scott Magill, the Executive Director of Veterans in Defense of Liberty, says they keep some of the money but have to pay the business that helps them with their fliers.

The BBB's press release states that, "Fundraisers kept more than 94 percent of the money." Magill says, "That’s ATA, that’s not true. That’s just not true. They pay for the mailing, they pay for the writing, they pay for somebody that takes the money when people are kind enough to support it.”

Magill wouldn’t say how many members the organization, actually, has. But did say they are growing and growing fast!

And although their fliers make it seem like you’re helping veterans in Missouri, Garland says their taxes say otherwise.

“Our concern is that, roughly, about $0.06 of every dollar that was donated went toward veterans in defense of liberty," explains Garland.

The organization says their goal is to educate Americans when it comes to veterans and help their ‘brotherhood’ in defending and protecting the Constitution. While, Magill says that the BBB’s claims are outrageous.

“But the money is not kept by American Target Advertising," explains Magill. "We don’t get paid a salary or anything.”

Magill says how the money is being seperated and spent is ‘just the cause of doing business.’

For the full press release, click here.

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